ABBADA COMPANY LLC also specializes on supplies of different cultivars of kidney beans from Kyrgyzstan to CIS and foreign countries. We export kidney beans to Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Italy and Turkey.

We offer following cultivars of Kyrgyz kidney beans:
  • Lopatka, 
  • Tomatnya,
  • Kitayanka,
  • Skorospelka,
  • Ryabaya,
  • Yubka(Korolevskaya),
  • Boxer.
Owing to our own production base, which located in Talas, and set of equipment for cleaning and further calibration we ensure on-time shipment of any quantities of kidney beans by railway and trucks.

To ensure high quality of kidney beans we supply, after cleaning them on separators, kidney beans pass hand-cleaning as well.  Kidney beans are packed in 25kg and 50kg polypropylene bags. Quality of kidney beans is confirmed with Certificates of Conformity and Quality.
Upon request kidney beans can be packed in PP bag with Client’s logo. 
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